Saturday, August 15, 2015

The Conjured

At some point in the effort to gain the first artifact, you were summoned to the aid of the team. The magic that brought you forward ties you to this task. Perhaps you're a normal part of the tournament or maybe the team brought you forth deliberately. Regardless, you're here now at least until the tournament is resolved. After that you'll decide for yourself what comes afterwards.

When you Read a Bad Situation you can ask the following questions in place of any of the normal ones if you want:

  • Is one of the other artifacts nearby?
  • What is the biggest danger to their conjuror?
  • Where is the safest place for their conjuror?
3 Luck

This role makes the most sense with a particular set of playbooks: The Constructed, The Divine, The Exile, The Monstrous and The Summoned.

The Changeling is not far off from being affected this way and the summoning might very well have been what triggered the awakening of their heritage.

Other playbooks with this role can be worked out and likely are somewhat supernatural in at least the manner of their summoning.

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