Saturday, August 15, 2015

The Rival

When this all started your goal was to be the one bearing the artifact and you had been a consistent rival to the rest of the group. Now things have changed. Now you are aware of the stakes involved. The potential fallout of the wrong person winning the tournament and completing the ritual is too horrible to contemplate. Rather than waste resources in competition, you'd rather support the wielder and their allies. You could always find another avenue for gaining power.

You have information on some of the other wielders and have some influence over who is in competition with you. Choose two of the following words. That will set two of your competitors and you will get a name and a brief description.  A third enemy will be chosen by the Keeper and the fourth is both set and not listed below. If the party does not include a Wielder then the Keeper will choose a fifth enemy.

  • Shadow
  • Fool
  • Triangle
  • Coin
  • Blade
 3 Luck

This role works best with the following playbooks: The Big-Game Hunter, The Chosen, The Crooked, The Expert, The Initiate, The Spooky, The Spell-Slinger and The Wronged.

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