Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The Guilder - Just a Game Persona

The guild is your life and your family.

  • You get:
    • People Person – You have +1 Presence (max 3).
    • Heart of the Guild – You are either the official or unofficial leader of a guild. Choose two positive features of the guild and two negative features.
      • Positive Features: Disciplined, Friendly, Large, Loyal, Wealthy, Skilled, Popular, Respected, Easy Going
      • Negative Features: Undisciplined, Judgmental, Small, Fractitious, Unpopular, Laughing Stock, Poor, Incompetent, Strict
  • You choose 0: (You don’t get one of these to start, but may choose them on advances.)
    • A Little Help From My Friends – When dealing with your Guild you can get their help on matters. Roll +Presence
      • On a 10+ the Guild is willing and able to give you whatever help they are capable of in the current situation.
      • On a 7-9 the Guild is either willing to help or able to help, but needs some coaxing on the other. You may need to bribe the guild to get them motivated or seek something else out so that they can help.
      • On a failure, the Guild is either entirely unwilling to help or else entirely unable. The end result is a loss of either your reputation in the guild or guild morale. The GM will determine the exact consequences.
    • Instant Raid Party – You gain a +1 anytime you try to recruit extra help for a major raid or other task requiring a large number of people.
    • Vengeance is Swift and Sure – You gain a +1 forward on any roll involving your Guild when the roll involves getting payback on someone or something that hurt a guild member.
    • Join the Family – Whenever you convince someone significant to join your guild or make a permanent alliance between your guild and another organization, mark 1 experience.
    • Growing Together – Change any two Features plus you may remove one Negative Feature OR add one Positive Feature.
    • Guild Hall – Your guild acquires a guild hall. Choose three features:
      • Personal Rooms – Every guild member has their own private room with an inventory only accessible by them.
      • Crafting Facilities – The Guild Hall has basic crafting facilities for all crafting types as well as all common materials and some uncommon or even rare materials.
      • War Room – The Guild Hall has a versatile war room for planning major undertakings.
      • Great Hall The Guild Hall has a massive hall suitable for hosting major social events.
      • Copious Vaults – The Guild Hall has vaults that include common gear of all types and a handful of rare items.
      • Training Room – The Guild Hall has a room allowing for safe combat simulations.
      • Defenses – The Guild Hall has defensive measures in place in case of enemy assault.
      • Civilian Shelters – The Guild Hall can act as a shelter for a large number of the local natives in the case of an emergency.
  • Histories
    • Choose one for each other player:
      • People erroneously think ________ is in your guild because he’s friends with them and you especially. Ask them why they aren’t in the guild.
      • ________ originally sponsored you to get into your guild. You were hesitant at first ask them how they convinced you to try it.
      • _______are or were in a rival guild. Ask them whether your guilds are friendly rivals or not.
      • _________ used to have a higher position in the guild. Ask them why their character thinks they were demoted.
      • A romantic relationship between you and ___________ would not be taken well by your guilds but at least one of you is pursuing one. Decide who is pursuing who and whether or not anything has come of it.
      • You and ______________ have a mutually beneficial relationship. Each of you decide how the other benefits from the connection.
      • You went to or used to go to the same school as ______________ but your online relationship is drastically different. Decide whether or not either of you have realized who each other are and why the relationship is different online.
      • Your guild has asked you to recruit ________________. Tell them your approach. Ask them how they’ve responded to your attempts.
      • You both want to form a UN of Guilds or something similar. Tell them what your motivations are. Ask them what their motivations are. Decide on what is making it difficult.

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