Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The Native - Just a Game Persona

You were born in the game and were never a player.
  • You get: Born and Raised – You get +1 Lore (max 3).
  • You choose 1:
    • Signature Character – You are a well-known character whose appearance was used in the trailers or on the box. You gain a +1 ongoing to use Chat with players.
    • Faction Member – You are a member of a game native faction. While you are part of the party non-sentient entities of that faction will not aggro on the party unless the party starts it.
    • Quest Giver – At the beginning of each session you get a vision of a quest that is needed to be performed roll +System
      • On a 10+ hold 2, on a 7-9 hold 1. Spend a hold to choose the following:
        • The quest will provide information related to the party’s goals.
        • The quest is local to the party’s location.
        • The quest will provide warnings of major threats to come.
        • The quest will provide excellent loot or resources.
        • The quest is very popular and draws a crowd.
        • The quest will end quickly meaning the visions will stop.
      • On a failure, the quest visions are not particularly useful to the party, but the visions persist in tormenting you until you get something done about it.
    • Innocuous – You gain a +1 ongoing anytime you Tap a Skill in order to reduce your aggro.
    • Shopkeeper – When you Tap a Skill you can choose to restore your or an ally’s Resources by 1 as an effect. If you take this effect twice, it would restore Resources by 2.
    • One of the People – You get a +1 ongoing to use Chat with non-players.
    • Do We Not Pixelate? – Whenever you convince a player of the sentience of some or all natives, mark 1 experience.
  • Histories
    • Choose one for each other player:
      • _______ has always enjoyed talking to you and thought you were the best part of the game. Tell them how you respond to compliments on your programming.
      • ________ can relate to you in several ways that the others can’t. Explain between you what those are.
      • ________ tends to ignore you most of the time or treat you like a non-sentient when they do notice you. Tell them how you’ve responded.
      • Whether _________ knows it or not, they are often working counter to one of your goals. Tell them what they’re doing. Ask them whether it is deliberate.
      • You and _______ are literally from different worlds, but they seem to be the only person that you really want to settle down with. Ask them if they feel the same.
      • The system has set a relationship between you and ________ that neither of you agreed to nor act according to. Ask them what sort of relationship it is.
      • _______________’s RL body is the actual model that your look was based on. Ask them how they’ve reacted to this.
      • ______________’s guild has reacted in a specific manner as regards the sentient natives of the game. Ask them whether the Guild sees the natives as sentient beings or just part of the game.
      • You and ____________ both want to know how someone could travel back to the “real world.” Tell them what your motivation is.

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