Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The Newbie - Just a Game Persona

You are new to the gaming community in general and this game in specific.
  • You get: Fresh Perspective – Whenever you correctly point out something of significance about the nature of the world that helps your party’s plans, mark 1 experience.
  • You choose 1:
    • Teachable Moments – If you ask someone to explain something about the game or the world to you, they will gain a +1 Forward the next time that adventure they use the discussed skills or deal with the discussed world issue due to having a moment of inspiration. (This also gives a chance to add to the mythology of the game.)
    • Breaking Character – When you use Chat to try and confuse natives or annoy players by refusing to act in character, you gain a +1 ongoing.
    • Know a Heart – You can tell the difference between sentient and non-sentient entities in the game without any difficulty.
    • Mashing Buttons – While not literally mashing buttons since you’re actually in the game, but when you panic and just act out of instinct you can roll +System.
      • On a success, the GM chooses a target, two Effects and a Flaw from the Tap a Skill list: On a 10+ you choose 3. On a 7-9 you choose 1:
        • One of the effects the GM chooses is very appropriate to the situation.
        • None of the effects the GM chooses are useless to the situation.
        • The GM does not choose the flaw that would hurt your party the most right now.
        • All of the effects are at least somewhat appropriate to the situation.
        • The target chosen is the best of the available targets to choose for your needs.
        • The targeting will not benefit the enemy.
    • The Sheltered – When someone uses Shield Other to protect you, they gain a +1 Forward to the roll.
    • Do What You Can – When you use Teamwork you don’t roll. You automatically assume that you roll a 10+.
    • New Life – Something about this new life has given you something you didn’t have in the “real” world. Maybe you were blind, the wrong gender, crippled, mute or terminally ill. Whatever it was is now gone. Once per adventure you can take an action along with an inner monologue about your new lease on life to gain a +2 Forward on the roll. (It doesn’t have to be a great inner monologue, just some sort of attempt at waxing philosophic)
  • Histories
    • Choose one for each other player:
      • You and ________ joined a party together pretty soon after the game became real. Ask them how you got together.
      • ______________ is always a real comfort to you. Tell them how you met.
      • _____________ thinks you’re too new to be trusted with anything important. Tell them how you’ve responded.
      • ____________ seems to think you get all the attention. Ask them how they’ve reacted to this. Tell them whether you’ve noticed the attention or not.
      • You are developing quite the crush on ________________. Tell them how this started and ask them if they’ve noticed yet.
      • _________________ is trying to teach you the ropes of the game. Tell them how well you’ve listened. Ask them how well they’ve taught.
      • _______________ convinced you to try the game out. Ask them how you know each other in real life. Tell them whether you’ve verbally blamed them for being stuck here.
      • _______________ has invited you to join their guild to provide you with some safety in numbers. Tell them whether or not you’ve said yes
      • You and _________ share an appreciation for the same sort of thing. Ask them what it is. Tell them whether or not you get along outside of that interest.

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