Saturday, August 1, 2015

Yael Kenite – Faustian

High Concept: Overlooked Ancient Heroine
Trouble: Famous For Murder
Domain Aspect: The Demoness of Hospitality
Conjuration Aspect: The Pleasant Hostess
Other Aspect: Faustian Landlady

  • Careful +3
  • Sneaky +2
  • Clever +2
  • Forceful +1
  • Quick +1
  • Flashy +0


  • Because I am The Demoness of Hospitality I gain a +2 to Sneakily Create an Advantage when allaying suspicions.
  • Because I am a Faustian Landlady once per session I can find a secure place to regroup.
  • Because I am The Pleasant Hostess once per session I can reduce a Mental Consequence.

Refresh: 3

Stress: OOO

Mild Consequence
Moderate Consequence
Severe Consequence

Yael the wife of Heber of Kenite is extolled in the Bible for her action in killing a fleeing general who was an enemy of the Israelites, an action for which supposedly God granted the Israelites victory. The actual event happened during the era before Vishnu and Lilith managed to consolidate power and establish mortal friendly laws. While both Nirvana and Yomi had influences in Biblical events, at this particular time the conflict was between two separate Demons. In return for Yael's actions she was sponsored to ascend. She has spent much of her Immortal life handling the Earthly properties of Yomi. She is also an active Faustian, often gathering information quietly to relay to other Faustians so that they can coordinate efforts to eliminate mortal criminals and claim their ill-gotten resources for Yomi.
Opinion of the Current Situation: Yael is not in Seattle by accident. Shadows had learned about Amaterasu's presence in Seattle some time ago and Lilith had placed Yael there with an unofficial mission to be on-hand to listen for any rogue agents trying something against the famous Goddess. At the moment, Yael is certain that the situation is either a threat from within Nirvana or else a complete accident because she hasn't had any hint of a plot against the Goddess from Demons.

Some Facts:

  • Yael is still a practicing Jew, though her practice is an odd mix of modern and new beliefs modified by what she's learned from being a Demon.
  • She has a small reputation online as a very skilled player of a virtual reality MMO based on the X-Com franchise.
  • Unknowingly, one of her frequent online teammates is Dhanistha, Goddess of Misfortune a citizen of Nirvana.
  • Yael met Amaterasu once when she was captured and the Goddess interrogated her. The entire thing was a bit of backdoor exchange of information regarding mortal minions to various rogue Demons and Gods.
  • Yael found Amaterasu moody but generally pleasant.

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