Thursday, September 3, 2015

Don't Let the Sun Go Down Prep Page

An earthquake and major thunderstorm have struck Seattle where the recently reincarnated Goddess Amaterasu has been attending middle school and she has gone missing. Something has interfered with the normal telepathic link between a Goddess and their chosen society, making it hard to locate her. Now mortals, Gods and Demons are all looking for Amaterasu before something bad happens...or maybe to insure something bad happens.

The system used for this game scenario is Fate Accelerated which makes it easier to deal with multiple levels of power than Divine Blood RPG can handle.

This is a Divine Blood scenario dealing heavily with the politics of Gods and Demons so the Gods and Demons is very useful. The other posts on the Divine Blood page are also useful. Do note that the Virtuacon Don't Let the Sun Go Down post is a prep page for the previous year's Virtuacon and serves as the basis of this scenario. That is still one possible situation but I have several possible causes for Amaterasu's plight.

As this is based on an established (if almost unknown) fictional world, one I happen to write and thus have a lot of knowledge about, there are a lot of what Station53 calls Power Facts. Some of these are less power facts and more culture facts and most of this can be gotten from the articles on the Divine Blood page, but here we go:

Pre-Generated Characters 

As with the Day at the Fair scenario, there are eight categories of pre-generated characters. As of yet, the categories mostly only have two options each.  I plan to fill to three options each with suggestions from a Kickstarter (hopefully successful). But since the Immortal Detente project is not even started, that Kickstarter is a long ways away. The second Bystander Novel, Divine Blood: Demon Next Door (the civilian supplement) and Just a Game are currently at higher priority.

Unused pre-gens might show up as NPCs. If players want to make their own characters, that's also fine, but decisions on such will have to come quickly so we can get started on the scenario.

  • Nirvana Agents - The soldiers and investigators of Nirvana.
  • Yomi Agents - The soldiers and spies of Yomi.
  • Nirvana Support - The healers and advisers of Nirvana.
  • Yomi Support - The healers and manipulators of Yomi.
  • Nirvanite Connections - Individuals with alliances to Nirvana and connections to Amaterasu.
  • Yomi Connections - Individuals with alliances to Yomi and connections to Amaterasu.
  • Mortal Connections - Individuals unconnected to the Gods and Demons but connected to Amaterasu.
  • Unconnected Mortals - Completely unconnected mortals.
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