Saturday, August 1, 2015

M. Reynolds – Mortal Authority

High Concept: Top Notch Local Cop
Trouble: New to the Supernatural
Other Aspects: Badass Normal
Insightful Police Officer
Respect the Badge

  • Clever +3
  • Forceful +2
  • Quick +2
  • Sneaky +1
  • Careful +1
  • Flashy +0


  • Because I am a Badass Normal I gain a +2 to Forcefully Attack whenever I catch a psychic or supernatural off guard.
  • Because I am an Insightful Police Officer once per session I can ask the GM for a clue via a moment of deductive genius.
  • Because I am a Top Notch Local Cop I gain a +2 to Cleverly Create an Advantage when I am talking to people who know my reputation.

Refresh: 3

Stress: OOO

Mild Consequence
Moderate Consequence
Severe Consequence

Background: Detective Reyonlds is a very effective police detective with a reputation for Holmes-like powers of deduction. Though he doesn’t try to draw attention to himself his successes have caused him to be well-known at least among other cops and a handful of politicians and reporters. Up to now, he hasn’t had any encounters with the supernatural that he’s noticed and hasn’t
been paying attention to the trend of increasing research into psychic phenomena.

Opinion of the Current Situation: Some middle schoolers reported their friend was missing when the name was given, some big-wig noticed that the name was from an “important” foreign family. Suddenly, in a city that has just been struck by a major earthquake, this one girl has become enough of priority that he has been assigned to personally search for her rather than attend to anything else. He certainly intends to find the girl, but given everything going on he can’t help but think that there are plenty of other people in just as much need not getting personal attention.

Some Facts:

  • Reynolds is a combat veteran. He fought in the first three years of the ongoing Czech War (now running 10years) and two years of the East German conflict.
  • Rumors suggest he single-handedly took out an enemy upright or spider tank. The reality is that he rescued an unconscious pilot after an East German MBT ambushed and decimated a friendly upright squadron.
    • Given the fact that MBTs are still the biggest hitters on the battlefield, actual veterans are more impressed he survived the tank and got the pilot out safely.
  • His first name is actually “Malcolm” but people keep shortening it to “Mal” and giggling.
  • He actually lives very close to a neighborhood with a small cluster of psychic and non-human civilians.
  • His primary reaction to discovering the above fact will likely be embarrassment for not noticing, but that’s going to be sometime after the scenario is over. And assuming he lives.

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