Thursday, September 3, 2015

Just a Game Prep Page

You're logging up on the computer, happily cracking open the brand new shiny MMO you just downloading from the company site, ready to make your character and start on a new set of adventures. But something changes when you click "start playing"....because instead of watching a load screen boot up, you find the world turning black and when you wake up it seems like you've become your character and the world around you the tutorial mission. What the hell is going on here?

Sunday 20th 11pm to 4am (Japan Time) - Just a Game - Powered by the Apocalypse
Tuesday 22nd - Slot 1 -12am to 5am (Japan Time) - Just a Game - Fate Core

Just a Game is a campaign style book I'm working on to further develop as a major project next year. If you are familiar with stories like Sword Art Online or Log Horizon then this is aimed at the same sort of story.

These are some questions to consider for the flavor of the setting and we will decide to start during character creation. This should not take more than an hour.

What sort of tech was involved? (This has implications about the way people were transported)

  • The game is a conventional sort of MMO such as what we have in the real world.
  • The game is a VR tech simulator such as in the near future world of Sword Art Online.
  • Something else.

What genre of the game was it? (Some of the examples are single player games)

  • High Fantasy - World of Warcraft, Everquest
  • Urban Fantasy - The Secret World
  • Space Opera - Star Wars, Star Trek
  • Super Hero - City of Heroes, Champions Online
  • Cyberpunk - Deus Ex, Shadowrun
  • Sci-Fi - X-Com
  • Post-Apocalypse - Auto Assault, Borderlands
  • Something else

How are characters built? (Flavor only. Has no impact on mechanics)

  • Class+Level
  • Skill-Based Level System
  • Pure Skill-Based System - Advancement by accomplishments/experience
  • Pure Skill-Based System - Advancement by skill use
  • Equipment Based Abilities
  • Something else

When did the mystery event trapping players in the game occur?

  • The event occurred at game launch.
  • The event occurred after the game had been running for a long time.
  • The trapped players each seem to have been drawn in at different times.
  • Something else

Are the natives (aside from any PCs) of the game sentient?

  • No, they aren't.
  • Yes, they are.
  • Some are sentient but some aren't.
  • Something else

Character Creation Rules for Fate Core


For the Virtuacon game, we will be using the Fate Core rules but the Apocalypse world Playbooks and Basic Moves are below.

Character Creation Rules for Powered by the Apocalypse

Powered by the Apocalypse Basic Moves

Powered by the Apocalypse Advancement


For more look to the free to download Playtest Packet.

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