Sunday, August 27, 2017

Account - The Masons - Family

At first, I had not thought much about Skye. I still work with my coworkers without them being aware of my nature so it seemed not to be a matter of concern that she worked the register at Tanelorn Games. The revelation that her mother knows about Lucy Chamber through more than one life and can guide one to finding Hecate was incredibly jarring, however. If for no other sake than to keep an eye for when she might find trouble I think it is appropriate to keep an eye on them.

Family: Amanda and Skye Mason.

Matter in Question: A family that seems to be involved often with the supernatural.

Item 1: Skye Mason: Cashier at Tanelorn Games
Item 1a: There is some history between her and Ames.
Actions to be Taken: None at Present.

Item 2: Amanda Mason: Children's Advocate
Item 2a: Mentioned by Graham Ellis as a primary caretaker of children.
Item 2b: Directed Lucy on how to find Hecate and take refuge with her.
Item 2c: Stumbled into the occult according to Lucy.
Actions to be Taken: Meet her.

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