Sunday, August 27, 2017

Account - Edna Forney - Client

Innocent bystanders get caught in the line of fire all the time. That is partially how I came to be what I am. In this case, Edna had the misfortune to be the babysitter of Lucy Chambers who was a reincarnating spirit which had trusted the family of a prior life a little bit too much. The attack on the house and Edna's death was a bit less surprising to Lucy, but she did not directly cause the danger. For Edna's debtor, we'll have to look elsewhere.

Client: Edna Forney

Matter in Question: College student shot to death by a summoned spirit.

Item 1: New Ghost: Torn
Item 1a: Killed by gunshot.
Item 1b: Hollow points make a mess.
Item 1c: Seems to have taken to death well. May just be in shock.
Actions to be Taken: Keep an eye on how she adjusts.

Item 2: Interested in Heaven: Disappointed in what death is like.
Item 2a: I could not answer her questions.
Actions to be Taken: Look into heaven.

Item 3: Yearbooks: College yearbooks.
Item 3a: Her yearbooks are her anchor.
Item 3b: They were going to her boyfriend.
Actions to be Taken: Identify other anchors.

Item 4: Lucy's Babysitter: Was unaware of the danger.
Item 4a: Lucy's actions did not directly lead to her death.
Item 4b: Lucy has promised to look out for her ghost.
Actions to be Taken: Relate the situation to Edna.

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