Sunday, August 27, 2017

Account - Unknown Vampire Cult - Organization

I would like very much to meet a vampire that is not a terrible person. Or at least no more terrible than I currently am myself. I will admit that my current situation is giving me some leeway with regard to whether a vampire should be tolerated or not. But to date, all of the one vampire with which I have had close interaction with have been terrible people and the memories I have from Onora Seward do not speak highly of the others.

Organization: Vampire Cult

Matter in Question: Had a presence in Blackmouth during the 1850s

Item 1: Abandoned Stronghold: The catacombs of Manton Memorial Church.
Item 1a: The facility in the catacombs is extensive.
Item 1b: It was abandoned over 100 years ago.
Item 1c: It may still be vulnerable to being re-occupied by the vampire cult.
Actions to be Taken: Bar the cult from returning.

Item 2: Christian Mythology: The cult seems to follow a Christian-based ideology.
Item 2a: Many Christian symbols appear in friezes.
Item 2b: The imagery has vampiric notes added to it.
Item 2c: Of particularly central concern is the soldier who stabbed Jesus.
Item 2d: The soldier who stabbed Jesus is a vampire but Jesus is not.
Actions to be Taken: Research the friezes more to learn more about the cult's beliefs.

Item 3: Cruelty Unimagined: There is evidence they were responsible for atrocities.
Item 3a: Onora Seward's memories of the vampires were unpleasant.
Item 3b: The catacomb facility includes much in the way of torture devices.
Actions to be Taken: Seek the cult's victims.

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