Wednesday, May 9, 2018

SELF-Introduction - Cage of the Demiurge - Session 0.5 - Scion 2nd Edition

The young woman on the camera is a tall Caucasian with hair so bright blonde that it looked almost like gold, but that had to be some sort of effect or filter, right? She has perfect muscular definition, showing a lifetime of athletic activity. She was dressed in exercise clothing made of latex or something similar.

"I am not going to miss this shot. - NO!
I am not going to miss this shot. 
I'm Aesir! Just like my parents!
Eager, wild, and strong. Glory bound!
And I'm not missing this shot! 
There's no sign of reck on me!
Take heart in my boast I'm the rising sun!"

"You can't sing, Hilde," Says a voice behind the camera, causing the young woman to stop and heave a hefty breath. The speaker had an Arabic accent that lay somewhere between contralto and tenor.

"Oh come on, Taba," Hilde said. "That's cool. People like Hamilton."

"Yes, people like Hamilton very much," Taba returned. "It was an instant classic when it released, what...twelve years ago? But that's more reason you shouldn't be singing it."

"Because..." she continued waving her hand.

"Because your singing is like nails on a chalkboard. Stick to the stunts."

Hilde rolled her eyes and cracked her knuckles. "Well, no stunt this video. I'm just here to report that I'm signing on to a project that might pull me away from a regular posting schedule. Can't say too much, because NDAs but hopefully I'll still be able to do some videos and occasional appearances here and there. But what I will say is that this is what I have been waiting for."

"This, this is what's going to get me the recognition from my parents. So, all my brothers and sisters out there? I'm joining the ranks."

"No. Doubt. About. It."

"The 'vacation baby' is entering the stage. Some of you are applauding. WOO!!! Thanks! Some of you are scoffing! HAHA! We'll see who's laughing soon! Some of are thinking I'm going to get myself killed. That still leads to Valhalla!" She paused and considered something briefly. "Though I suppose I could end up with Dad's cousin...but that's cool, Hel has dogs." She shrugged. "One way or another. I AM ARRIVING!"

The video cut off and the camera was slung down. Taba had an odd complexion. It was a light brown but when one looked closely there seemed to be a subtle pattern to it that recalled a smouldering fire. It was the only hint to the youth's djinn nature. Until more power was gained, Taba was going to have no trouble passing for human. According to them there were likely a handful of humans somewhere far back in his heritage. Djinn and humans crossbred fairly frequently.

"So what is this place really?"

"Exploration," Hilde informed the djinn. "They've got a magic pillar on this base that opens gates to other realms and they want us to explore it."

"Who hires a youtuber to explore other dimensions?" Taba asked. "Don't they have experts for that?"

"The experts are missing, we're going to find them." Hilde pointed both of her pointer fingers first to herself and then Taba. "Along with everybody of course. Somebody put together a list of names to be sent through. Some mysterious 'executive' that the Director disagrees with."

Taba smiled nodding. "All right, all right, that smacks of Fate."

"Oh yeah!" Hilde declared. "Sooo..."

A moment later, two voices could be heard singing off-key to a rehashed version of the lyrics of a famous musical from the past decade.

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