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Lily Watson - Scion of Inari - Scion Second Edition

My Fair Scion

Role: Scout’s Luck: Good, Bad and Strange – Sneak – Athletics, Subterfuge, Technology.

As a tomb raider, Lily has always had something of a talent for working her way past guardians or undoing the odd trap or two. However, her abilities have been mostly unsophisticated talent and good luck. It was bound to turn against her sooner or later and there was only a little skill to catch her fall. It’s hard to tell whether or not that’s happened yet.

Origin: Raider of Tombs and Dodger of Curses – Adventurer – Occult, Close Combat, Integrity

Lily ran away from home at the age of fourteen and fell in with a band of explorers of dubious ethics. By the time she was eighteen she had lived through a number of adventures and seen her share of strange things. Things happened and the group split up and she decided to trace her own lead. One of her former colleagues snatched the treasure out from under her leaving her to deal with the traps…and the being that had been sealed within.

Pantheon: Something special breathes within you. – Inari: Close Combat, Culture, Integrity

The kitsune has smelled it even if it hasn’t woken up yet. The younger of these thieves was certainly the more interesting of the two. They were near enough awakened to recognize their own child when faced with it, though certainly not through this incarnation. The long-sealed incarnation of Inari hasn’t let on what they’ve realized yet, Lily has yet to prove herself after all.


Liminal * – Knack: Flatlander

Keywords: None yet.
Titles: None yet.


Guide – Zak/Sak – Guide ****

Zak/Sak is an incarnation of Inari who had been sealed away in a trap of some kind hundreds of years ago. Now awake, they’ve found that the original purpose for their incarnation is something time and sleep has stolen from them. Previously, they had been of demi-god stature, but their power has dwindled. For the moment, Lily is her primary influence on the world and her control over Lily is through the carrot and stick of their connection.

Asset Skills: Academics, Occult

Guide Stunt: (1-3) – Place an equivalent Complication on anybody trying to figure out what you were looking for during a procedural. Those who don’t buy off the complication will go off on a red herring of your choice.

Access: Zak/Sak has converted a lot of the harmless and non-magical artifacts of their former prison into a significant wealth including an isolated house in the mountains. They can use this to some degree to aid Lily’s investigations on their behalf.

Calling: Sage

Legendary Title: The Sleeping Fox

Attributes - Priorities: Mental/Physical/Social

  • Intellect ***
  • Might **
  • Presence **
Finesse (Favored Approach)
  • Cunning *****
  • Dexterity *****
  • Manipulation ***
  • Resolve ***
  • Stamina ***
  • Composure **



Athletics *** (Parkour) 
Culture *
Close Combat *** (Knife Fighting) 
Empathy *
Firearms  *
Integrity *** (Alertness)
Occult ** 
Persuasion **
Subterfuge **** (Stealth)
Technology **** (Booby Traps)

Legend: 0
Defense: Based on Stamina, Resolve or Composure as appropriate.
  • Bruised
  • Bruised
  • Injured
  • Maimed
  • Taken Out

  • Armor - Soft, Resistant: Collision  
  • Pistol - Concealable, Piercing, Lethal, Firearms, Ranged, Loud 
  • Axe -  Lethal, Melee, Thrown, Piercing, Messy

Lily ran away from home at the age of fourteen and somehow fell in with a group of tomb raiders where she proved useful due to her small size and clever nature. However, soon after she turned eighteen, the group started breaking apart to their different ways. Feeling a bit let down and adrift, Lily pursued a lead she found on another treasure so that she could establish herself on her own merits. Unfortunately, one of her old colleagues followed along and snatched the find out from under her, leaving her to deal with several activated booby traps and one very strange fox-person that was keen to offer her a safe exit in exchange for binding to the fox's service.

Short-Term Deeds
  • Wink someone temporarily out existence.
  • Spend an entire fight under fire.
  • Spend an entire fight unnoticed.

Long-Term Deeds
  • Learn something about the artifact Michael stole out from under me.

Band-Term Deeds
  •  Complete the job we've been hired to do.

Session 1

Stuttered someone out of space and time.
Spent half-the Momentum pool
3 XP (3 XP Total)

Session 2

Spent half-the Momentum pool
2 XP (5 XP total)

Session 3

Spend an entire fight under fire
Spent twice-the Momentum pool
4 XP (9 XP total)

Piano Job Scenario End XP Spending

+1 Empathy
4 XP (4 XP Banked / 5 XP Spent / 9 XP Total)

Session 4

Everyone has completed a short term deed. +1
2 XP (6 XP Banked / 5 XP Spent / 11 XP Total)

My Fair Scion

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