Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Wibbly-Wobbly and Drunky-Wunky - Yakki Koto Kiku - Session 2

Session 1: That didn't go according to plan.

It looked like a busy day for the cops.

They put me in a cell with sorority girls.

Drunk sorority girls.

There were drunk footballers on the other side.

For a moment, I thought about starting a bit of a catfight and slipping out while the cops were dealing with it.

So, it was like this.

There was one girl whose face was sort of cut up and bleeding. Apparently Emma had done this to her and that bitch was going to get it when they got out. Off to the side was a girl looking a bit uncertain and she sort of flinched when I said she didn't look like she belonged with these other girls. So maybe that was less than a sociable thing to say.

In any case, she said she was only out with the others because Sophia went out. Asking about Sophia immediately brought over the tall girl who was assuring the other girl that Emma was going to get hers. This I think was Sophia, though she never confirmed it, and she proceeded to go over all mama bear on the girl I was talking to.

And now I felt bad about my plan. So I sat down and noted that I had planned to start some trouble but I wasn't going to do it if they were going to be so pathetic and all.

They reacted a bit poorly to being told that though.

Really, ungrateful much?

So the cops came to escort me to a high security solitary cell for planning to incite a riot. 

The sorority girls watched on with this smirky expression that made me feel much less sorry for them. Somehow they didn't notice how very careful the cops were being with me. One of them even noticed me trying to play games with the handcuffs as they put them on. 

Really competent cops here, lots of respect.

I tried that wibbly-wobbly thing but it didn't quite work. I was going to grapple on to the guy at the lever and then travel with him when space re-asserted itself to be out of the corridor. Unfortunately, I didn't bend space far enough to actually reach the guy so I'm not sure anybody even noticed.

Which left me in a prison cell with a plexiglass door.

By the way, that thing where I made the guard go out of existence? That works on doors too.

So I took a stance and lashed out with a kick. And kicked the door. The second time went better. There was a flash of an alarm giving me a momentary heart attack and then all the power just winked out. So I walked up to the other door and kicked that one.

The second door was much easier. I just about walked through it and slipped away through the next room winking that door out as well. The power was still out as I walked out of the police station.

So I went back towards the Powerhouse to make sure Leigh was okay. Of course, I had no gear to use because I wasn't going to go casing my first place geared up for wilderness lost temple survival action, you know?

Getting to the Powerhouse I found a bit of a scene that I didn't expect. Hana was holding several museum workers at bay with her katana and everybody else was toying around with a truck. And there was the piano right there in front of them.

So apparently, Leigh had taken the opportunity to try to bamboozle the museum into loading up the piano and things sort of...went....non-euclidean pear-shape. She wanted me to do my thing with space-time wibbiliness and knock the lock off the door long enough for them to open it. Because knocking the door out wouldn't really last long enough to load the piano.

With that, we were out into the wild blue mid-afternoon traffic jam and somehow passing under all the radars. Like one traffic copter saw us for a little bit but then it lost us. Well, we'll see where this goes.

My Fair Scion

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