Saturday, August 1, 2015

Hermes Turms – Herald

High Concept: Nirvana’s Favored Solicitor
Trouble: Notoriously Slick Reputation
Domain Aspect: The God of Messengers
Conjuration Aspect: The Silver Traveler
Other Aspect: A Realist’s Perspective

  • Clever +3
  • Quick +2
  • Sneaky +2
  • Careful +1
  • Flashily +1
  • Forceful +0


  • Because I am Nirvana’s Smooth Talking Solicitor I have a +2 to Flashily Overcome when I am convincing people I am trustworthy.
  • Because I am The Silver Traveler once per session I can completely prevent a successful attack on myself or someone else I can see.
  • Because I have A Realist’s Perspective I have a +2 to Carefully Defend when someone is trying to influence me with passionate claims.
Refresh: 3

Stress: OOO
Mild Consequence
Moderate Consequence
Severe Consequence

Background: Most of Hermes’ background is well known even to people that think the Gods are ancient fairy tales told around a primitive fire. There were some differences, of course. Hermes hadn’t had a human shape for most of it, for example. They’re less aware of his more recent history. Like Athena, Ares, Heracles and a large number of other former members of the Tinnia House, Hermes left soon after the Compact came into effect and Zeus’s glamour wore off to reveal him for the monster he was. He now acts as a Herald for the Eyes of Ra advising concerning the protocols of Nirvana as a whole and those of the various Houses within it.

Opinion of the Current Situation: Hermes feels that the current situation is mostly likely a coincidence rather than evidence of any sort of conspiracy, but he doesn’t doubt that there will be parties trying to take advantage of the chaos. Also, with Ashvattha unable to evacuate Amaterasu, the chances of an accidental death from environmental dangers alone has become very real. His main interest here is to serve as a negotiator in the case that Yomi or anyone else gets involved, well-meaning or otherwise.

Some Facts:

  • Hermes is a practiced magus though is careful about casting spells to prevent information from leaking.
  • Hermes medium of travel is travel stations: airports, ports, train stations, bus stops, so on.
  • Hermes appears to be effeminately masculine and refers to himself in the masculine but usually prefers to be genderless.
  • Hermes is a vocal atheist. Death-seers might be able to provide proof of afterlife but not a “Creator.”

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