Saturday, August 1, 2015

Nyx DisPater – Elysium Provider

High Concept: Sarcastic DisPater Death-Seer
Trouble: Neglected Daughter of Hecate
Domain Aspect: The Goddess of Darkness
Conjuration Aspect: The Unwanted Child
Other Aspect: Elysium Provider Healer

  • Flashy +3
  • Sneaky +2
  • Clever +2
  • Quick +1
  • Careful +1
  • Forceful +0


  • Because I am a Death-Seer once per session I can gain useful information from local ghosts without complications.
  • Because I am The Unwanted Child I get a +2 to Cleverly Overcome when I am creating a rapport with children.
  • Because I am an Elysium Provider Healer once per session I can reduce the severity of one physical or corruption consequence by taking several minutes to treat the injury.
Refresh: 3

Stress: OOO

Mild Consequence
Moderate Consequence
Severe Consequence

Background: Nyx is the daughter of the Goddess of Night, Hecate but has been raised mostly by her grandmother and grandfather Persephone and Hades DisPater. She does not know whom her other parent was, only that Hecate seems exceptionally annoyed with her basic existence. Even with the support of the rest of her family, her mother’s snubbing of her has been a sore point most of her nearly ten-thousand year life and she has come to lack the normal bedside manner of the healers and death-seers at Elysium Providers.

Opinion of the Current Situation: Amaterasu is like her grandmother in that she is one of those rare unbelievably old Gods and Demons that isn’t a total jerk most of the time. Nyx much preferred Amaterasu as the head cop/judge person in Nirvana rather than her own mother. That said, she’s here because a healer needs to be on call for when they find Amaterasu. As much as she acts a bit uninterested, she wants to be of use in cases like this and wants to earn herself more than a footnote in the history of her House. And she’d like just a bit of recognition from her mother.

Some Facts:

  • Nyx is a trained healer using healing spells and shaping rituals.
  • Nyx resembles a negative image of Eija Semezou from the Divine Blood fiction. She has dark, almost black skin and shockingly white hair with mostly Greek features. Both have death-seer red eyes.
  • As a death-seer, Nyx can see and talk to ghosts, tell when someone has witnessed or caused death and whether it was in honest battle or defense or was a murder. She can also use this to diagnose and treat potentially terminal conditions. Ghosts tend to find her more snarky than most death-seers.
  • Her medium travel as a Goddess is darkness, giving her a lot of mobility in the current situation.

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