Saturday, August 1, 2015

Illujanka Baal – Rakshasha

High Concept: Nostalgic Yomian Hero
Trouble: Bitterly Aware of Stagnation
Realm Aspect: The Demon(ess) of Snakes
Conjuration Aspect: The Warrior Serpent
Other Aspect: Gender Fluid Shapeshifter

  • Clever +3
  • Sneaky +2
  • Forceful +2
  • Quick +1
  • Careful +1
  • Flashy +0


  • Because I am The Warrior Serpent I gain a +2 to Cleverly Create an Advantage in order to gain snake-like features for battle.
  • Because I am The Demon(ess) of Snakes I can pass through absurdly tight spaces with no problem.
  • Because I am a Nostalgic Demon Hero once per session I can ask for a clue via a flashback to a similar situation.
Refresh: 3

Stress: OOO
Mild Consequence
Moderate Consequence
Severe Consequence

Background: Illujanka is older than the history currently recorded by humanity. When the people that would later be called Demons returned to Earth a million years ago to find the first civilization of humans already there, Illujanka was there. When Lilith called for heroes to turn against their insane elders, Illujanka was one of the first to answer. When Lilith and Vishnu inexplicably renewed the ancient grudges of their people, Illujanka was there. In the current days of stagnant truce, Illujanka is here, but quite wishes never to have survived to these days.

Opinion of the Current Situation: Illujanka is here because Lilith requested it and she still trusts Lilith despite some odd choices over the years. Reasonably, Illujanka is aware that Amaterasu is a high-profile Goddess with leanings toward a fair unification so getting her safely back to Nirvana is beneficial to both sides. However the Demon doubts it will mean much in the long run.

Some Facts:

  • Illujanka is a trained warrior and practices channeling.
  • Illujanka typically appears feminine and has a daughter, but generally shifts gender based on current whim desire at the time and is sometimes intersexed.
  • Illujanka prefers mortal lovers to Gods and Demons. Says they are often more honest and sometimes more passionate.
  • Her last lover was back in Woodstock.
  • Illujanka’s one known child ascended in the last fifty years and is Rene, the Demoness of Paperwork. Illujanka considers her a disgrace.
  • Illujanka was born after the Gods and Demons evacuated the world in the wake of their first war but before they returned to it. This was roughly 3 or 4 million years ago.

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