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Scylla Crataeis the Second – Nirvanite Connection

High Concept: Half-Demon (Probationary) Herald Counselor
Trouble: Haven’t Chosen My Direction
Other Aspects: No, That Scylla is my Great-Great-Grandaunt
Avatar of Amaterasu
Shapeshifting Sorcerous Dabbler

  • Careful +3
  • Sneaky +2
  • Flashy +2
  • Clever +1
  • Forceful +1
  • Quick +0


  • Because I am an Avatar of Amaterasu once per session I can have a useful telepathic talk with Amaterasu.
  • Because I am a (Probationary) Herald Counselor I gain a +2 to Sneakily Create an Advantage when I am gaining someone’s trust.
  • Because Shapeshifting Sorcerous Dabbler once per session I can take two physical actions in one turn.

Refresh: 3

Stress: OOO

Mild Consequence
Moderate Consequence
Severe Consequence

This Scylla is the famous one’s indirect descendant as well as a child of Kishimo-Jin, the Demoness of Children. She looks a lot like a human version of her grandaunt who figured in that story by Homer and is frequently mistaken for her despite the lack of much in the way of scales. Her own background is rather more bland, oddly enough. She’s supposed to ascend fairly soon, but she isn’t sure yet if she’ll continue being a Herald or go into something like the Eyes of Ra (Law-Enforcement/Intelligence) or Elysium Providers (Healers/Exorcists).

Opinion of the Current Situation:
For the last twenty years, Amaterasu’s been a constant voice in her head, even when the Goddess reincarnated and became a baby. Scylla’s had a front-row seat to watching Amaterasu develop from infancy back toward her current pre-adolescence. Now Amaterasu’s voice is confused, scared and rambling. It’s hard to make anything out of what she’s saying. This has Scylla worried for her patron and heading off to look for her on her own.

Some Facts:

  • The original Scylla is a gorgon and was raped by Poseidon around the same time as Medusa. The original Scylla acquired a separate form of Immortality and is still around.
  • This Scylla did not inherit the full gorgon trait, but did inherit an ability to grow various extra limbs.
  • She is an Avatar of Amaterasu which means she is a magus that has so frequently cast spells from Amaterasu that they are permanently mind-linked.
  • Amaterasu investigated and helped convict Poseidon of her ancestor’s rape. Unfortunately Poseidon’s sentence ended roughly 3,000 years ago. Scylla II is afraid of encountering him.
  • Scylla II’s Demon mother is one of the Seven Purges like Morrigan and is similarly regretful of her genocidal history.
    • She suspects her mother is suicidal but she hasn't told anyone her suspicions.
  • Given Scylla II's mother is a Japanese Demon, it's entirely possible that her mother deliberately made her look like her namesake relative. Kishimo-Jin is friends with Scylla I.

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