Saturday, August 1, 2015

Susano’O Omikami – Yomian Connection

High Concept: The Original Defectee to Yomi
Trouble: Only Recently Reincarnated
Domain Aspect: The God of Storms
Conjuration Aspect: The Impetuous Male
Other Aspect: Irredeemably Crass

  • Flashy +3
  • Forceful +2
  • Quick +2
  • Clever +1
  • Sneaky +1
  • Careful +0


  • Because I am Irredeemably Crass I gain a +2 to Flashily Create an Advantage when I am being an irritating little snot.
  • Because I am The Impetuous Male I am very hard to dissuade and have an additional Mild Mental Consequence
  • Because I am The God of Storms once per session I can automatically create or clear one appropriate Aspect by manipulating existing weather conditions.

Refresh: 3

Stress: OOO

Mild Consequence
Mild Mental Consequence
Moderate Consequence
Severe Consequence

Background: Susano’O has never enjoyed the rigid structure of the Houses in Nirvana among the Gods. He has always been a bit of a wild card, thumbing his nose at his parents, his sister and anyone else. For the most part all he’s wanted to do is go around and have fun just doing stuff. Whether that’s drinking with a bunch of oni or taking on Orochi, not that he really killed Orochi, after all it’s still in Yomi and all.

Opinion of the Current Situation: Amaterasu may be a stuck-up condescending bitch of a sister, but she’s His Sister and nobody’s going to mess with her if he has anything to say about it. So he might actually only be in the body of a twelve year old right now, and most of his millennia of experience and access to power are locked away so he can’t accidentally hurt himself or somebody else by doing something “immature” or “childlike”. (Hmph, as if I’d be so stupid. There’s no need for the whole binding thing on my power, just let me have it and I’ll. Let. It. Rip! Oh Yeah!) but he's still going to get this done and show her again which of them is the best.

Some Facts:

  • Susano’O is almost as old as Morrigan and predates the last exodus from Earth.
  • Susano’O was the first God to leave Nirvana for Yomi, much to his sister’s annoyance at the time.
  • Susano’O and Amaterasu have always chosen to reincarnate within a month of each other without meaning to. It irritates both of them.
  • Both Susano’O and Amaterasu find their brother Tsuki-Yomi vaguely creepy.
  • He is a lot more aware of people than he acts, but believes his act distracts people from their troubles.
  • Susano’O’s medium of travel as a God is storms, meaning anything outdoors in the city right now.

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