Saturday, August 1, 2015

Urd Jotundottir – Einherjar

High Concept: The Half-Demon General of Nirvana
Trouble: A Wretched Family Life
Domain Aspect: The Goddess of Fate
Conjuration Aspect: Queen of Soldiers
Other Aspect: Eldest Daughter of Lilith and Vishnu

  • Forceful +3
  • Flashy +2
  • Quick +2
  • Clever +1
  • Careful +1
  • Sneaky +0


  • Because I am The Eldest Daughter of Lilith and Vishnu I get a +2 to Flashily Create an Advantage when I use both Vitae and Mana at the same time.
  • Because I am The Queen of Soldiers I am resilient and resolute so I have a fourth stress box.
  • Because I am The Goddess of Fate once per session, I can ask the GM what is happening next before choosing my action.
Refresh: 3
Stress: OOOO

Mild Consequence
Moderate Consequence
Severe Consequence

Background: The first Immortal born of the blood of both Demon and God, daughter of Queen of Yomi and the High King of Nirvana, Urd is famous in many ways. She has never understood what caused the failure of the peace forty thousand years ago, but has always resented her mother for being sent away to Nirvana when war renewed. Her own house, now led by her great-grandson Odin, has experienced its own upheavals which are well known. The discovery that she had a homunculus Demoness daughter who quite rightfully hates her has only added to her familial bitterness. Still, she hides her hope to see her family united at last under a humorless military façade.

Opinion of the Current Situation: Urd insisted on accompanying the Eyes of Ra on this mission despite the fact that it was not apparently a military matter. Hel may have been exiled to Yomi, but it was for her own safety and she was still a member of House Aesir, the fact that her Demonic daughter ended up in the Yomi hospital following that attack only made it more personal. She wants to find an enemy to wreak her wrath upon whether or not they indeed had anything to do with this incident or the attack on her family earlier in the year.

Some Facts:
  • Urd is a trained warrior and practices channeling.
  • Urd’s medium for travel as a Goddess is places of historical significance.
  • Urd and her homunculus daughter discovered their biological relationship while Urd was telepathically torturing her as a captured spy. She stopped condoning torture among her soldiers immediately afterwards.
  • Urd is one of the rare Immortals that has never messed with shapeshifting. She likes to be how her parents made her to be.
  • Urd has an inconsistent ability to see Life-Force in its dormant state.

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